I'm Donald

A website designer and developer, always interested in fun and well designed things. This is the old version of the website! Click here to go back to the newer edition.

About me

I'm originally from Scotland but I've been living and working in London for a good few years now. After several years in workshops doing joinery I decided in early 2021 to make a change and learn how to code. I took myself through the Udemy Complete Web Development Bootcamp as well as doing lots of research and self teaching through all the many outlets on the web (there are a lot!).

My work

I work as a junior web dev at Active Consultancy. I've also completed a personal website for John Higgins. John is an author and speaker, and the website was designed to be a clean and simple focus point for his work. It was written from scratch in Atom code editor in around two weeks, with Bootstrap elements for the navbar and responsive sizing. Since completing the course I made this website to build on my skills and eventually serve as a hub for future projects. Always learning as I go!

My skills

I have robust working knowledge of HTML and CSS - I love designing websites and the whole creative process and how they come together. I'm pretty good at the foundations of JavaScript and some of the associated frameworks such as JQuery, React etc. They're definitely more complex and there's still a lot more there for me to learn. I've also got experience creating and maintaining SQL and MongoDB databases, using API's and more. Right now most of what I do is front end but my aim is eventually to become a solid full stack developer as I find both front and back end to be equally challenging, interesting and satisfying to work with.

For all inquiries (or just to chat) you can reach me at donaldbarr22@gmail.com. I look forward to hearing from you!

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