A photo of Donald Barr, the web developer

About Me

I am a self taught web developer with around 1.5 years of coding experience.

Since January 2022 I’ve been working full time as a junior dev at Active Consultancy.

We’re a small team so I work on any and all parts of the stack as needed.

I’m 29 years old and I live in West London with my partner.



July 2021


A simple and easy to use website to showcase the work of author and speaker John Higgins


Designed by myself and made from scratch in around two weeks using pure HTML and CSS (with one tiny bit of Javascript for a text effect). This was my first commission around six weeks after I started to learn how to code.

Original Design of this Website


December 2021


The first design of my portfolio website


The original design of this website that I put together after finishing my course and applying for my first web dev job. It was made around Christmas (hence the snowy theme) and I tried to show off as many different bits of JS and snazzy CSS effects as I could think of. For the second design (this one) I wanted something a lot simpler.

My Skills

I am pretty good with HTML, CSS, Javascript, Jquery and MySQL.

I have a small amount of experience with React, PHP, Node JS, Mongo DB and Express.

I'm extremely good at Googling to find the answers to my problems!

Before and Beyond Web Dev

In my previous lives I worked as a carpenter and furniture maker, a restaurant manager and more. In 2021 I decided to retrain and teach myself how to code and I’ve never looked back. I love cooking and video games (most devs do I think you'll agree)

My aspirations for the future are to work my way up to being a senior developer, whether front or back end (or both!) I’m yet to decide. I also hope to get a cat!

Contact Me

If you’d like to get in touch about an opportunity or just to swap bolognese recipes you can reach me at